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    Garage Door Maintenance

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    The key to a long-lasting garage door is regular maintenance.

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    Being a garage owner is not an easy feat, especially if you want the doors to last longer, but you have many things to do.

    One of the best solutions for all garage owners is booking a garage door maintenance service.

    While you may think it’s an additional expense to your regular budget, think of it differently.

    The maintenance and tune-up work is an investment in making your door parts last for as long as the next decades to come.

    It’s possible for your doors now to be the same doors that will protect your garage space twenty years from now.

    Luckily, you have a business that can be your partner in taking care of the mechanism.

    We are Washington’s Garage Doors, and we offer our garage door repair and maintenance work to all garage owners in town.

    You don’t have to look elsewhere for specialists and experts to handle the doors.

    You only need to inquire with our team and book a job with us!

    Garage door maintenance service

    If you’re not familiar with the aspects and parts of any maintenance service, refer to this guide.

    The regular maintenance covers more than just the usual inspection of the garage.

    Since many parts and devices operate inside the garage, these equipment and devices need individual assessments.

    Here are the parts of any maintenance service which can serve as your reference for booking a garage door maintenance:

    Professional inspection

    The first service is the professional inspection of all parts of the system.

    The inspection should include all the moving and non-moving parts.

    Professionals will check the panels, tracks, and other things to ensure no hidden damage to any part.

    Cleaning and washing

    While the inspection happens, a little cleaning routine may help smoothen out the operations with the garage.

    Most garage owners tend to forget about washing the panels of the garage.

    You don’t need to worry as with technicians around, you can work with people who can bring back gleaming panels and parts.

    Lubrication routine

    Chains, rollers, and springs need lubrication to operate silently and accurately.

    While you can always try to do this by yourself, it’s best to leave this step to technicians.

    You can’t just buy any random lubricant and expect the product to lubricate different things properly; there’s a specific lubrication product for each moving part.

    Adjustment work

    Springs, cables, and tracks tend to loosen and move over time.

    If these parts are too far or unadjusted, it could lead to a dangerous garage.

    With professionals from Washington’s Garage Doors, you’ll have a group of technicians who can fine-tune all applicable parts efficiently.

    Safety measures check

    All garages should have working sensors and a working auto reversal mechanism.

    The sensors should prevent the door panels from traversing downward in the presence of obstruction.

    The auto reversal should work upon contact with any obstruction in the path.

    Upkeep service

    Lastly, hardware and parts may be too loose and fragile from the once tight-kept mechanism of a brand new door.

    Upkeep services are available to ensure that your garage has a system of devices working correctly together.

    Don’t skip on the upkeep to guarantee that you have a model that works as good as new.

    Benefits of a regular maintenance and tune-up service

    If you’re still not sure about the benefits of  maintenance, here are some advantages of regular maintenance bookings:

    Affordable service to keep your garage in good condition

    How many times have you ever missed out on minor damage that escalated to something more severe?

    Maintenance includes checkups and routine repairs.

    Invest in regular maintenance to prevent more extensive damages in any part of the system.

    Professional services from a team that maintains your garage safety

    With professionals from our business, you have a team who knows what they are doing inside your garage.

    Technicians know what to look for and connect the dots if there are recurring damages in the mechanism.

    Maintenance work takes a lot of skill and great intuition, which our team can offer and perform inside your garage.

    Contact us to book your regular maintenance work in advance for the next months to come

    We are Washington’s Garage Doors, and we are here to provide our maintenance work for all garage owners in the area.

    We come as a garage door company ready to offer relevant and affordable work for you.

    All you need to do is contact us for more inquiries.

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