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    Garage Door Installation

    Garage Door Installation Company in Washington

    Are you looking for the next door to put up and protect your garage?

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    You won’t run out of choices and options to choose from since there are hundreds of variations present anywhere.

    All you need to do is design the door of your dreams and ensure that you find the right team to help you.

    Luckily, there are many services available in town for your new door.

    More than retail shops and manufacturers that can supply you with a new model, you need somebody else.

    It would be best to have a reliable team of professionals who can offer garage door installation from your door.

    For most garage doors, the foundation is everything.

    Book Washington’s Garage Doors for durable installations and trustworthy technicians who can ensure that your new door is in good hands.

    We have given our work for a long time, and our experience has only helped us offer high-quality work for sooner owners of a new garage door.

    Let us help you set up your new doors so that you can bask in a safe and well-protected garage space.

    Different types of garage doors

    Before booking us for your installation, it’s best to weigh in the type of door you want next.

    All garages are different and there are two main types: a residential garage or a commercial garage.

    Whether you like it or not, there is a type of door that suits your garage.

    Afterward, you can customize and design that goes well with your property.

    Sectional panel doors

    The most common type of doors that you may see in most curbs are panel doors.

    Sectional panels consist of separated door panels with hinges towards the next panel.

    A roller is attached to the end of each panel to glide the entire door slab together during operation.

    Pro: It’s easy to customize the sectional panels, so if you want to add insulation, glass windows, and other accessories, panels accommodate these items well.

    Con: Maintenance time may time longer since there are different partitions for the entire door slab.

    Side-hinged doors

    Do you like big, rustic, barn-type doors?

    Side-hinged doors work precisely where you swing open or close a large door panel to open and close the garage.

    Consider side-hinged doors as more oversized home doors that lead to garage space.

    Pro: Side-hinged doors are easier to clean and maintain.

    Con: The swinging space requires some clearance inside the garage floor.

    Rolling doors

    Rolling doors are reinforced door sheets that roll around a barrel assembly on the header.

    Rolling doors are most common in commercial establishments like large warehouses and retail shops.

    If you need a discreet door that guards the garage, rolling doors better suit your preference.

    Pro: Rolling doors benefit garages with small header space or smaller usable areas in general.

    Con: The barrel assembly may cause misalignment issues from time to time to keep the rolling sheets in place.

    Slide-to-side doors

    Not all garages are equal, as some may have low ceiling clearance to contain an opener and overhead tracks.

    The slide-to-side or side sliding doors are the most common solution to that issue.

    Instead of a typical up or down a door, you’ll have a door that slides left or right around the garage walls.

    Pro: Side-to-slide doors benefit garage owners that want to utilize garage wall space.

    Con: It’s easier to pry open since side sliding doors require horizontal force rather than upward force.

    Tilting doors

    There are doors made up of one big material slab that is not thin enough for rolling or broken down into separate panels.

    Tilting doors require a different mechanism for operation.

    Tilting doors have stronger door arms to pivot and tilt an entire door towards the ceiling clearance of the garage.

    Pro: Tilting doors require less overhead space and clearance.

    Con: Tilting doors have been popular for decades, so most tilting doors may be too mechanical and require more effort for garage owners.

    Give our team a call for your new doors

    Here at Washington’s Garage Doors, we are a garage door company in the area.

    We offer various services, such as our long-lasting garage door installation for any door.

    Our team has a lot of experience planning and setting up these doors.

    All you need to do is book a job with us.

    We also offer our garage door repair for damages that may settle in your door when the unfortunate circumstance arises.

    Please book an appointment with us!

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