Why won’t my garage door close? Reasons and steps to fix

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    why won't my garage door close

    Having a garage in your home is very beneficial. It has a lot of benefits. You can use your garage for parking of car or you can also place important things in your home. But your garage must have a perfect garage door. Because your garage is the most frequently used thing in your home. So, it is necessary that your garage must have a perfect garage door. The garage door also protects your home from unwanted strangers. But sometimes your garage door may start troubling in opening and closing. So here in this article, I will tell you Why won’t my garage door close?

    Troubleshooting of Garage door

    It’s time to look into the issue. There could be a few reasons why your garage door won’t stay closed, and by snooping around and checking a few parts of the garage door system, you’ll be able to figure out what’s going on.

    Below are some issues that are relevant to the garage door:

    • Adjustment of limit.
    • Misalignment of garage door sensors.
    • An obstruction preventing door closure.

    What to do when your garage door does not close?

    Here are our recommendations for you. Follow the guidelines. This will help you.

    • Scanning the situation.
    • Check out the safety sensors. Because it plays important role in opening and closing of garage door.
    • Try the wall station.
    • So, use the manual release cord.
    • If you are unable to solve the problem. So, then you can call the professional.

    Reasons for garage door not staying closed:

    There may be multiple reasons for your garage door not opening. But some common reasons are given below.

    • The photo eye is out of Alignment.
    • The track is not aligned properly.
    • Broken Remote control.

    Safety sensors on modern garage doors prevent them from closing on a person or object. If the garage door won’t close all the way and keeps opening, make sure it isn’t colliding with something, such as a bicycle, snow shovel, or other item left in the garage door’s path. Also, make certain that no foreign object is caught in the tracks or on the door itself, which could prevent it from closing.

    Why garage door not opening and closing completely?

    If your garage door isn’t opening or closing smoothly, make sure both sensors are on the same horizontal plane. If they are not, they will send two different signals to the opener’s control board, which will be unable to determine which one to follow, resulting in the door malfunctioning.

    Tightening the screws on the sensors will help ensure proper alignment. If your door still does not close or open completely, the sensors may be dirty. The sensor can be easily repaired. To begin, use a soft cloth to wipe away any dirt. If that fails, you may need to replace it. Sensors can become old and corroded over time.

    Any jerking or excessive shaking indicates that the rollers are out of alignment or that there are loose screws or hinges. Any excessive movement may worsen the situation, so it is best to consult a professional as soon as possible.

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