How To Reset Garage Door Keypad Without Code

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    What if you can’t open your garage door since you have no keypad code registered in your opener?

    If you recently bought the garage door with a clicker keypad and you’re faced with this problem, don’t panic.

    We will discuss how to reset the garage door keypad without code.

    All About Clicker Garage Door Keypad

    So, what about a clicker garage door keypad?

    Well, this keypad uses a wireless mode to enter and exit the garage.

    A Clicker garage door keypad has a garage door opener with a sensor placed on either side of the door.

    As soon as the frequency between the sensor and remote meets, the garage door opens right away.

    Moreover, these keypads evolved in time as their functions advanced.

    The chips are way faster than before, allowing for quick recognition.

    Now, people don’t need to bother to get out of the car to open the garage door.

    They need to press the keypad button to open the garage door.

    Clicker keypads ease our lives by eliminating the need to open our garage door independently.

    Steps in Resetting the Garage Door Keypad With No Code

    So, now you’ve understood a clicker keypad, let’s head on to the actual steps.

    Follow them below:

    First Step: Clear the Obstructions

    Before proceeding, you need to make sure the whole area of your garage door is free from obstructions.

    Let your kids and pets go inside your home during the procedure to prevent dangers that could happen to them.

    Once you clear out the area from any obstacles, you can now head on to the next step.

    Second Step: Search the LEARN Button

    If you want to reprogram your Clicker keypad because you forgot the code, search for the LEARN button.

    The LEARN button is found on either the garage door opener or the garage door control.

    If you find it in the garage door opener, the LEARN button can be found above the antenna hanging from the motor head – or under the light cover.

    The button’s color varies depending on the type of opener you have.

    In this case, use a ladder to access the LEARn button since the motor is located at the garage ceiling.

    Third Step: Clear the Opener Memory

    The LEARN button has two functions: the program accessories and memory clearing.

    The latter erases the accessories currently programmed to the garage door opener.

    If your opener uses Wi-Fi, it does have another function that activates the Wi-Fi learn mode.

    However, this is not a useful function since we’re only going to clear the memory of your clicker keypad.

    After finding the LEARN button, hold it for a few seconds.

    Holding the button will turn the LED on while it turns off after 6 seconds.

    Once it’s off, this means that any memory stored in the keypad is cleared and will have no passcode.

    Thus, you can reprogram it.

    Fourth step: Reprogram the Clicker Garage Door Keypad

    Now with the memory completely cleared out, all that’s left to do is to reprogram the Clicker keypad.

    At this stage, you can reset the keypad as if it has no stored memory.

    Follow these steps when reprogramming the clicker garage door keypad:

    1. Press the LEARN button once again.
    2. Then, release it to trigger the LED light.
    3. As soon as the LED light lits, you will have only 30 seconds to complete the next step.
    4. Insert the four-digit PIN code of your choice.
    5. After, hold the ENTER button until the garage door opener’s light blinks.
    6. Once the light blinks, the reset is now successful, and you can use your new four-digit code.

    Make sure to choose an easy-to-remember PIN code while not being easily guessed by intruders.

    Fifth Step: Test the New Code

    Now that you’ve set the new code, you can now test it.

    Use the new code to open your garage door.

    If it does, it works.

    If not, you have to go through the steps carefully again.

    And after you’ve done the steps and still fail to reset the keypad, you can always ask help from Washington’s Garage Doors – your reputable garage door company at your service.

    Call them so they can reset the garage door keypad successfully.

    Bottom Line

    It can be frustrating that you’ve just moved into your new house, and suddenly you can’t access your garage door.

    Thankfully, our guide on how to reset garage door keypad without code will help you to solve this problem.

    Now, not all procedures are successful.

    Call a garage door repair service such as Washington’s Garage Doors if you find yourself unlucky.

    We will help you reset your garage door keypad easily.

    Call us now!

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