How To Open Garage Door Manually From Outside

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    Opening a garage door has never been easier with a high-quality garage door opener.

    Automatic operators make opening and closing a garage door convenient with a simple click on the remote.

    However, openers rely on electricity to work.

    You’ll need to disengage the opener and switch to manual garage door operation without power.

    Don’t worry if you don’t know how to open garage door manually from outside.

    Our skilled garage door specialists at Washington’s Garage Doors will help you operate your door manually.

    We can also provide you with prompt and efficient garage door opener repair in case you have a broken operator.

    Many people trust our company because of our consistent quality of service.

    We go beyond what is expected of us to guarantee that your garage door works optimally.

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    Manually Opening a Garage Door From Inside

    When the power goes out when you’re about to take your car out, you’ll be opening your door from inside.

    This is relatively easier because the emergency release handle is readily available.

    Here’s a step-by-step guide to open your garage door from inside manually.

    1. Close your garage door to prevent incurring injuries.

    An open door poses the risk of accidentally crashing down when you disconnect the opener.

    1. Next, look for the red rope with a red T-handle hanging from the garage door opener trolley.

    This is the emergency release handle, which will allow you to switch to manual operation.

    1. Hold the release cord and pull it down.

    This should cause the trolley to disconnect from the garage door opener carriage.

    You’ll hear a click or hear a thud, indicating that you’ve successfully dis-engaged the opener.

    1. Hold the bottom of the door and raise it with your hands until it no longer comes down.

    The door shouldn’t feel heavy to lift, or something’s wrong with it.

    Manually Opening a Garage Door From Outside

    You’ve learned how to open a garage door from inside without an opener.

    Now, we’ll show you how to open the garage door manually from outside.

    1. Your garage door must have an emergency key release to allow you to open it manually from outside.

    Look for this key release on the outside of your door.

    1. Use the appropriate key to unlock your garage door.

    Insert the key, turn it, then pull the key release tumbler out.

    You should see a rope connected to the lock tumbler.

    This is the emergency release cord that will let you disengage the opener from your door.

    1. Pull the emergency release cord to disconnect the opener.
    1. You must now be able to lift your garage door using your hands without any problem.

    Make sure that you’ve raised the door to its limit to keep it from falling when you drive your car through it.

    How to Close a Garage Door Manually

    You must close your garage door every time you use it.

    This is easy if you have electricity and your opener is working correctly.

    However, you’ll need to close your garage door manually if a power outage has occurred.

    To do this, all you need to do is to get a grip on the bottom of your door and then pull it downwards.

    Make sure that your garage door touches the ground so that you secure it.

    Don’t forget to install locking devices like a c-clamp, padlock, or zip tie to lock your garage door.

    How to Reconnect the Garage Door Opener

    When the power comes back, you’d want to go back to using your garage door automatically.

    If that’s the case, you must first reconnect the garage door opener.

    1. Ensure that the garage door is touching the ground for your safety.
    2. Pull down the emergency release handle to allow the garage door opener trolley to reconnect to the carriage.
    3. Lift the garage door manually until you hear or feel a thud, signifying that the opener has successfully connected.
    4. Test your automatic garage door.

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