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    Thanks for your help! Your specialist did an amazing job at our stuck garage door and it works really well! The technicians were incredibly professional and competent. Would definitely recommend Washington’s Garage Doors to Rockville folks.
    Maxine Rodgers


    Awesome service. Storm caused the garage door hinges to come loose, and the panels got damaged. Their technicians showed up on time and installed the new garage door efficiently and impeccably. Inspected it afterward too. 100% recommended.
    Lucas Miller


    We had our company warehouse garage doors replaced by Washington’s Garage Doors. All four doors were impeccably installed and work perfectly. Would not hesitate to call them again for garage door work in the future.
    Mark Dyer


    These are the main services we provide. If you don’t see a service here that you require, give us a call!
    Whatever your purpose in getting a new garage door, we’re here to provide you with a hassle-free experience. We’ll do the inspection, heavy lifting, installation, and trial run—meticulously. We provide home and commercial garage door installations throughout Rockville. Let us know what kind of garage door and how many do you need, and we’ll send over a technician to assess the space and provide you with a free quote!
    Commercial Garage Door Service in Philadelphia
    Garage Door Repair Service in Washington
    Moving into a new home and not that fond of the old garage door? Or has it been years to the garage door you already have on your property and you’re looking for a sleeker, better functioning model? At Washington’s Garage Doors, we’ve got the tools and skills you need for a hassle-free garage door replacement. Give us a call for a consultation and we’ll tell you about the best replacement for your current garage door!
    There’s always room for improvement. You may want your garage door to be more insulated, make less noise when opening and closing, have more “bouncy” feel for seamless operation and more. We understand your need to improve your current garage door, and can fulfill your requirements. We use only high-quality products. Call us today for residential or commercial garage door reinforcement in Rockville!
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    Garage Door Repair Service Costs in North Bethesda, Maryland
    One of the most common garage door services in Washington we do is local garage door repairs. Power outages, accidents, faulty parts, and various other troubles are common in homes, warehouses, and other commercial garages. Lucky for you, we are well-versed in all kinds of garage door issues. Rollers, cables, springs, sensors, and more, we know all your garage door essentials and what problem is related to which aspect of the door.
    Facing problem with your garage door late night or early morning, or during terrible weather, be it with opening or closing your door; we will be there to rescue you. We understand garage door troubles have no consideration for your time… but we do! Our emergency garage door specialists will arrive on short notice to free your from any garage doors woes. We recommend that you call us immediately to fix a faulty garage door than trying to do it yourself.
    Garage Door Repair Service Costs in Rockville, Maryland
    Garage Door Opener Motor Not Working

    To avoid any extensive issues and lengthy repair downtime, we recommend once or twice a year garage door maintenance. This is necessary because avoiding or delaying the slightest problem with your garage door can cost significantly. Getting a creaky garage door to work smoothly, fixing the sensors for better detection, replacing springs for a stable hold, and more—we do it all. Let us look after your garage door to keep it working optimally.

    Having trouble opening or closing your garage door? The opener is a motorized device that opens/closes your garage door. You control it using switches on the wall by the door. A problem with your garage door opener, rollers, or cables can cause a hindrance in a smooth-working garage door. Our technicians are well-versed in all things garage door openers, so give us a call today for excellent garage door services in Rockville!

    Garage Door Repair Service Costs in Rockville, Maryland
    Garage Door Opener Motor Not Working

    Garage door cables are the reason how your garage door panels lift and stay up. These cable runs along either side of the garage door, from the bottom panels all the way up to the top, winded when the door opens. Thus, if you detect a problem with your garage door cables or suspect these as the reason behind your malfunctioning garage door, reach out to us immediately!

    Garage door springs (the primary one being torsion springs) are metal coils on top of the door. These wound or extend with respect to the door being closed or opened. Sturdy and fully-functional garage door springs keep a door in place when opened and give it a lightweight “springy” feel. Our garage door techs have the skill and tools necessary to repair and replace your garage door spring and get it back to work at 100%!

    Garage Door Repair Service Costs in Rockville, Maryland
    Garage Door Opener Motor Not Working

    Convert your standard garage door to a high-lift garage door! You can raise your garage door track as needed. As this change requires new tracks, drums, rollers, cables, and other parts, we suggest you call our experts to do the job. We source our supplied from trusted manufacturers to ensure that every part we install lasts well. Call us today to discuss how you need to raise your garage door tracks and get a free quote.

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    We pride ourselves on years of excellent service, made possible by excellent equipment, expert technicians, and a work philosophy of meticulousness and perfection!

    You can rely on us to provide you with a stellar experience with any of our garage door repair and maintenance services!

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    As leading garage door services Rockville, we have extensive experience, an arsenal of top-of-the-line tools, and a great work ethic.

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    Inspection Before Use

    Our experts handpick all garage door parts we use in repair and maintenance. Each part is checked for quality, durability, and function before being used for your garage door.

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    With extensive experience and countless garage door service appointments, we have seen it all, we know it all. No garage door problem is too complex for us, so call us today!

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    We offer round-the-year garage door services Rockville. Regular garage door maintenance will save you the trouble of losing time and money over extensive garage door repairs. Give us a call, and we’ll send over a proficient technician to inspect your garage door.

    Here’s a good reason to call for garage door maintenance—you don’t open the garage door yourself, it should open on its own!

    Is your garage door too slow to open or close? Let’s take a look at those rollers and springs, call our technician today!

    Are your sensors not taking the cue to open, or opening without any prompt? They need a good checkup. Give us a ring!

    Does your garage door lean on one side? That should not happen in a well-functioning door. We’re looking at cable issues. Get help today.

    Got Any Garage Door Queries?

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      Garage door installation typically takes a few hours. We usually inspect the space beforehand to address any issues. Our technicians install the door and conduct a complete inspection as well as test it out. If you need multiple doors installed, such as for a warehouse, it may take more time but no more than a day.

      We advise against it, especially if you have no mechanical and electrical experience. Only in emergency cases we can suggest you to tweak the door to keep it secure till an expert can reach you. Since garage door repairs and maintenance require quality tools and expertise for optimal results, you’re safe and more at peace, leaving all issues to garage door services in Washington.

      We recommend maintenance at least twice a year. We also recommend you call garage door experts after a thunderstorm or harsh winds. These can mess with the garage door’s springs and rollers and put you at risk of getting hurt or facing damages due to a malfunctioning garage door.

      It depends on the problem. We factor in both the price of the materials and service in garage door repair costs. Therefore, the costs of replacing the torsion springs vs. repairing or rewinding cables will be different. That said, we charge low costs for all our services.

      Yes. We install doors that come with insulation add-ons as well as provide this service separately. If you live in a region that’s too cold or windy, switching to an insulated garage door can help keep your vehicle/belongings safe. You can call us to learn more about insulation and other garage door services in Rockville.

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